What Wakesurf Board is Right for You? – The Basics

2014 MasterCraft Mission 03.Wakesurfing #1 (CMYK, 150 DPI, 1200x798)

Finding the right wakesurf board can be a daunting process, especially if you are new to the sport.  Luckily we are here to help make this process as easy as possible!  Basically, wakesurf boards are divided into two categories: Surf Style Boards and Skim Style Boards with a few boards that are a little of both.  Like other watersports, size matters.  The size of the wake, the size of the board, and the size of the rider all play a factor into choosing the right board.  The bigger the rider, the bigger the board they will need, and a small wake can make it difficult to generate enough speed to stay in the sweet spot with smaller boards.  (The sweet spot is the ‘pocket’ the wave makes that pushes the rider forward.)  Experience on a wakesurf board also makes a difference- entry level riders will have an easier time learning on a board with enough stability and enough surface area to help them stay in the sweet spot.

Surf and Skim: Let’s go back to the different board styles.  In choosing the right board it helps to know if you’d prefer a surf style board or a skim style board.  For beginner riders, a surf style boards can be easier to learn on- especially boards that are on the longer side.  Typically surf style boards have longer fins that allow the board to have directional stability.  This translates into the ability to create a lot of speed  while carving the wake- so don’t think that surf style boards are limited to entry level riders.  There are many advanced surf style boards out there that have instantly become staff favorites!

On the opposite side of the spectrum are skim style boards.  Skim style boards typically have a pointed nose and tail and have a very small fin on the tail allowing the board to feel loose and slippery- which is good if the rider desires to do tricks like a 360.  Because these boards don’t have as much surface area as surf style boards and are so slippery, it can be difficult to carve the wake and you might have a harder time staying in the sweet spot.  Nose diving is more common with a smaller board.

Size of Wake:  The size of the wake does matter when choosing the right board.  If your boat has a smaller wake, then it might be difficult to use a smaller, skim style board.  However, a board like the Phase Five Danielo Diamond with a wider tail is pefect for the advanced rider on a small to mid-sized wake.  If your boat throws a small to mid-sized wake, a longer board that doesn’t take much to maintain speed will be a good option.

Size of Rider:  Each board has its own size specifications.  In general, a bigger rider will need a bigger board and younger riders or smaller riders who do not weigh as much might have a harder time getting up on a larger board.



Summer Kickoff


The Midwest Mastercraft crew had their first session of the summer last night trying out the new Gen 2 surf wake behind a Mastercraft X30. Wow what a difference it makes! More pictures and videos to come!

MasterCraft Gen 2 Wakesurf System

MasterCraft has been making big moves in their wakesurf game. They signed pro surfer/musician Donavon Frankenreiter last summer and released the MasterCraft Gen 2 Surf System in December. The MasterCraft Gen 2 system is a combination of added ballast, hull design, new adjustable wake shaping devices, and software to simplify the process of setting up your boat for wake surfing. For more details visit www.mastercraft.com/surf.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 3.39.27 AM

MasterCraft offers the Gen 2 Surf System on the X-2, X-10, X-25, X-30, and X-46.

Phase 5 Team Goes Big in 2013

Check out the new video from the Phase 5 team.  This has to be one of the best wakesurf videos I have ever seen!  These guys go above and beyond the average wakesurf set, and even use  3 boats at once to surf!   Seeing this video makes me think how closer we are to summer.  Wakeboards.com has the whole Phase 5 line up in stock,  along with a variety of  wakesurf selections from Inland Surfer, Ronix, Hyperlite, Liquid Force and more.  Check it out, and see what board fits you best!  Enjoy the video, and see you on the water!

Dirty Mike Dowdy

Want to know who’s killing it right now?  Without a question, Mike Dowdy.  This kid is unbelievable with how big he goes, and how much he has in  his arsenal of tricks.  Dowdy just recently signed with CWB, and has been proudly representing his team ever since then.  Check out this video to see what all the hype is about. Dowdy is crushing it on the 2013 CWB Transcend board.  If you want to get your own CWB package, check out Wakeboards.com!

Vintage Aaron Reed

Check out this clip of one of the Wakeskate legend’s, Aaron Reed off the movie, “Stumato.”  Reed is one of the Pioneers of the sport, and still is very much involved with it to this day!  If you’ve never tried wakeskating, or never heard of it, this is definitely worth watching!  Like what you see, and want to try it out for yourself?  Check out Wakeboards.com for our own selection of skates to choose from.  Doesn’t even matter if you’re a weekend warrior, and want to just have it in the boat for fun,  wakeskates are very affordable!